New Storm Surge Maps

Well it has been a super busy couple of months. I have been traveling across the country to various academic meetings and a couple different university colloquia to discuss my NPS sea level and storm surge project. So far I've got a lot of very positive feedback about this project and I know that a lot of people can't wait to see our results.

Eventually we will release a report on our findings. In the meantime I'm pleased to announce that we are today making available a large number of storm surge maps. My team have been working on mapping the impacts of storms surge on 117 coastal park units (see my March 6, 2014 post for further details). You can find the maps here:

We will be continually updating the storm mapping site with more maps as they become available. I'd like to emphasize that these maps are still very much in the "draft" phase and that use of these images must be done with my direct permission.